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Andrew is a well known dancer in his own right having appeared on BBC's The Greatest Dancer in 2019.  He has a huge following on social media and continues to wow audiences with his amazing talent.  Andrew says: I am looking forward to teaching children through my love of dance.




Catherine has been a part of Tailfeatherdance for some time and is an extremely talented and expressive dancer and actress.  She brings a joy to her presenting that is sure to captivate. Catherine loves skiing holidays and cooking.  Catherine says: I'm really looking forward to young children, especially my cousins, seeing me on TV.



Isabella is amazing at choreography and she remembers all of it too, which is great because I don't!

She absolutely loves dancing and started with Tailfeather on a supported internship from college.

She has choreographed many of our dance videos both on her internship and now, as a full presenter with TFTV!


Libby is one of our newest dancers with TailfeatherTV and Tailfeatherdance.  She joined us in September 2021 and has been going non-stop ever since!

She has fit right in with coming up with ideas for dance and she is very confident in front of the camera - Go Libby!



Blythe is very experienced in using Makaton to communicate and leads the 'sign' section in each episode.  She loves dancing and is Andrew's dance partner.  Blythe says:  I love being a part of a fantastic team, we have so much fun putting all the activities together and I love the thought that I am helping teach others.



Eloise has been a dancer with Tailfeatherdance since the start and is an extremely creative individual who enjoys researching for characters in her dance and drama.  She likes working with young children. Eloise says: It's really fun being part of TFTV. I like giving ideas to others on a subject and I'm very happy being there.



Kiera is an incredibly gifted dancer, singer and artist!

She is sensitive, thoughtful and brings great feeling to her work. She can draw cartoon characters accurately from memory - It is quite astonishing!  Kiera says: I like being part of TFTV because I love making up the dances, singing the songs and having fun!



Rowan is also one of our newest dancers with TailfeatherTV and Tailfeatherdance.  He started with us via Zoom from Ireland but NOW he is very much a part of TFTV!

Rowan absolutely loves to dance and perform and so he fits in brilliantly with all the other presenters!!

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